Specialty Insurance


Specialty insurance throughout Illinois in East Peoria, Washington, Morton, Peoria and Bloomington.

Sometimes your life or your business demands more. More options. More coverage. More expertise. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding unique solutions for your unique exposures.

Industry Specialization

Insurance is a complicated business. Our dedicated industry experts will work with you to identify potential risks and produce customized solutions to cover them.

Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing risks come in all shapes and sizes. It encompasses food processors and handlers to commercial printers to order fulfillment centers and everything in between. We’ll work one-on-one with your plant manager, safety manager or CPO to implement top-level safety and risk goals from a grass roots perspective.


Construction Insurance

The construction industry is a dynamic yet tried and true industry. From large general contractors who facilitate Class-A construction to the artisans hammering nails and laying bricks, risks are diverse but still need care from a risk management perspective. We’re here to help you build your business in the safest, strongest way possible.


Real Estate

Real Estate – Property – as an investment tool is a powerful and tangible piece of your portfolio. And guarding against risk in that portfolio is more than just knowing about replacement cost and loss of rents. It means understanding the minutiae. We’ll make sure you do.


Church Insurance

A church is so much more than a place of worship—it’s also a community center, an employer and oftentimes, a home. We offer customized insurance options that fit all of these unique needs.